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I been working so hard developing my technique to offer the most realistic hair pieces to my costumers, investigating, sourcing for vendors to find only the best quality hair and lace.

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Pre-Order a Custom Made 13X6 Wig
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  • Hair

    All wigs will be made of high quality raw Indian hair. I use very small knots so, bleaching or plucking won't be necessary.

  • Wig Construction

    Your wig can be constructed two ways: from a pre-made wig cap or a custom made wig cap ( also called bespoke wig).

    The custom made option is masterfully constructed to fit only you.
    Also, all wigs will be sewn on a machine for extra longevity and professional look

  • Lace

    All hair pieces will come with Swiss Film Lace.

    Lots of companies will tell you Swiss and HD Lace plus so many other names but there's only Swiss, Asian and French Lace that are most used Laces in the market. Swiss Lace is the only Lace I use for my wigs.

    This Lace come straight from Switzerland that's why the name Swiss. It comes in different deniers (thickness) been HD the thinest and Opera Lace the thickest.

    You should know different countries make their own laces and thats where the other Laces such as French and Asian or Korean Lace come from.